About Us


We believe that cycling allows people to connect with other like-minded people, provides a great form of exercise, while allowing people to also enjoy the greater outdoors. We believe it is vital to be a part of our local cycling community and networks, working closely with the our council, TAMBUG group and cycling/biking clubs, to ensure that the we are able to assist in providing the best possible cycling experience.

We recognise that riding is a great form of low-impact exercise for all ages. It is kind to the body and joints and offers many rewarding opportunities. It is fun, social and, for those who choose, competitive.

From the cycling novice to the elite racer – we are passionate about our sport and are always encouraging new participants with the mission to promote holistic health benefits of riding. We believe that a healthy body is more inclined to have a healthy mind. And, when we are feeling positive, anything can happen!

When you visit our BC Bike Shop, you don’t just leave with a bike. We are determined to arm you with the greatest knowledge and know-how to ensure that you reach our own personal goals – whatever they may be. Our diverse team are equipped with understanding, knowledge and skill to best help you do that. We encourage questions, training, skill development and aim to educate our community as best we can by providing a range of services including information nights, and workshops to assist in the delivery of this information.

We are serious about our sport and ensuring safety. But, cycling is fun, social and requires good coffee. We joke and are able to laugh at ourselves. As a company, we believe it is vital to be a part of our local cycling community and networks, working closely with the our council, TAMBUG group and cycling/biking clubs, to ensure that the we are able to assist in providing the best possible cycling experience for all.

Our Values

You have to work hard to reach your goals – both on and off the bike! We believe this requires honesty, dedication and hard work. Attention to detail, care and thoughtfulness is of the utmost importance to ensure a high quality customer service experience.  You will rarely find us tooting our own horn. We are humble, we listen, we care, we problem solve. We don’t just sell bikes, we do bikes.

Doing our part to reduce our Carbon Footprint.
Why drive when you can ride? We are always looking for alternative methods in running our business as smooth and eco-friendly as possible. From packaging to paper use, we strive to promote an ethical business.

It’s a lifestyle.
Bikes are our life. And so it becomes a big part of culture and passion that we cultivate at BC Bikes.

We have fun.
It’s always hard work first, but we make sure that everyone has fun doing what they love.

Team Spirit.
We encourage honest and open communication and foster a team environment on and off the bikes.

Our community is so important to us as individuals, as a team and as a business. Riding is a social activity and the more we can do to get the community moving, the better.

Care and service.
We believe that we should only ever give advice if we have experienced knowledge on the topic. That’s why caring about the problem and the solution are essential to our service.

Ben Clark

Ben Clark

Ben’s love for anything with two wheels developed at a very early age. Racing BMX from 5 yrs young Ben went on to compete in and win numerous State and National championships and also earned himself 4th in the World. As a member of the Australian Junior Elite High Performance Team he was lucky enough to work with the AIS and travel and race internationally.

At 18 he swapped the BMX bike for a Roadie. In his first year of riding, Ben won a State Championship and went on to earn himself numerous trophies as he competed on a National level on both the road and track. He then went and joined the Motocross world, winning 3rd in the State Championships and competing in the Nationals, only to come back to his first love – bicycles.

Ben now enjoys riding his road, BMX and mountain bikes on both a competitive and social level.

Jess Clark

Jess Clark

Let's make this short.

The brains behind the brawn.

'nuff said.

Matt MacKay

Matt Mackay

Matt in a keen mountain biker whose ‘have a go’ attitude has seen him join both the road and BMX world as well. He is currently undertaking a traineeship with us in Cert 3 Bicycle Workshop Operations.

Matt is keen to learn and we are excited to have him join our team! 

Greg Clark

Greg Clark

Greg has taught Ben everything he knows! He is a fabulous Upholsterer and pretends to know lots about bikes too (he actually does know a lot). To his credit, he has fuelled Ben’s passion for the pushy from the beginning.

He is keen to help you get started too.